EIA Relamps Historic New York City Courthouse

EIA, Inc., a National Leader in Networked Technologies, Relamps Historic New York City Courthouse, a Facility on the National Register of Historic Places



Contact: Mr. Shelomo Alfassa (646-827-1249) press@eia.us 

NEW YORK CITY (October 2, 2013) - EIA, Inc., a national leader in networked systems integration and energy efficiency, is pleased to announce the completion of a relamping of the historic New York State Unified Court System building, in Long Island City, New York; the current home to the Civil Term of the Queens Supreme Court, a facility on the National Register of Historic Places.


This 19th century building, originally illuminated with gas lamps, was retrofitted in the early 20th century to electric lighting. In this most recent update, EIA installed fresh 21st century technology, energy-conscious bulbs. The bulbs were fit into irreplaceable hand-made Art Nouveau lamps. The antique lamps were leaded stained glass structures, some up to four feet in length, which were suspended nearly forty feet up in the air by thin ornate chains.


EIA’s staff worked meticulously around the clock to safely and efficiently construct scaffolding which would reach the tall ceilings of the historic building, without interrupting pedestrian flow throughout the public space. All together, EIA tediously replaced over 250 units in the grand space known colloquially as, The Ceremonial Courtroom, which surrounds a magnificent stained glass ceiling.


The courthouse was built between 1872 and 1876 in the Beaux Arts architectural style. It was gutted by a fire in 1904 and rebuilt; at the time, it was known as the most important building in Queens. The courthouse has held many famous—and infamous—trials. It had also been previously used as a movie set by legendary directors Cecil B. DeMille and Alfred Hitchcock. The notable building is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and was designated a New York City landmark in 1976.


David Engel, CEO of EIA said, “We’re proud that EIA had a role in keeping the old courthouse shining brightly, we love projects like this which have a deep history. We have worked on other important landmarks, including the Roosevelt Memorial House.


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EIA electricians Richard and Imran, up high on the free-standing scaffolding,
working on the lights which had to be cleaned before they were changed out.