EIA Marks 15 Years Working with the New York City Subway System

EIA Keeps New York Straphangers Moving as the Company Marks 15 Years Working with the New York City Subway System


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NEW YORK CITY (January 14, 2014) - EIA, Inc., a leading provider of Networked Technologies and I.P. systems integration, marked the anniversary of their 15th year working with the New York City Transit Authority (MTA). Even though it’s one of the world's oldest public transit systems, the NYC subway provides some 5.4 million rides on a single typical weekday—over several hundred miles of track.


Whether they are up in the air installing conduit and cables along the elevated lines in Brooklyn or the Bronx, or working underground at track level upgrading the MTA’s administrative computer networks—for over 15 years EIA has been providing a range of technical services to the transit authority and to the citizens of New York.


As a contracted agency, EIA has completed dozens of different projects over the years, including working on subway Main Cross-Connects (MCCs), Ethernet data cables, wireless access points, upgrades of fiber optics, and providing new access to power junctions. EIA modernized and upgrade voice and data systems across all five boroughs. After Hurricane Sandy, EIA removed, replaced and upgraded the destroyed communication infrastructure along the tracks, in towers and in the rail control centers.


The latest fiber optic upgrades EIA is installing not only helps to modernize individual stations and certain locations, but is important for the overall safety and reliability of the entire MTA transportation system. Sal Guevara, EIA’s Government Sales Manager said, “Cabling upgrades positively affect the of the MTA’s subway system and by extension will help with the installation of modern ‘contactless’ terminals such as MasterCard® PayPass and Visa® payWave. This same technology can also accept specially enabled smartphones, so future customers will be able to pay with services such as Google Wallet.”


Established in 1977, EIA has evolved and advanced, becoming one of the leading networked technologies firms in America. EIA clients include local and federal government agencies, healthcare, education, law enforcement, as well as private enterprises. Services include network infrastructure through network and physical security including covert & open surveillance, analytics, gunshot detection and energy conversation. EIA can be found at www.eia.us.